Timeless OPTICAL Collection

                        The Timeless Collection is all about Paul Taylor's iconic and signature designs.

         The early 90's saw the emergence of "Taylor" designing stunning eyewear and sunglasses for a   

                                                         passionate audience.

                                     Many of the Timeless creations have a cult following.

                  Classic cat's-eyes, bold round eyes, to the ever famous sharp and slick Hutchence design.

The Italian acetates and German components in the Paul Taylor designs provide the most superior quality that is available. 

Manufactured in France, Italy, Australia and Japan.



         Audrey's BOLD audacious shape will show that you are a lover of colour.

  The lush high quality Italian acetates shine through in this upswept cat's-eye design.




Doris is a beautiful BOLD look that demands attention. Her 50'S curvy lines create drama and flare.

Her look has a cult following and her quality and style will become your signature look.

          With the use of the German made double barrel hinge design, this provides the                                                strength and quality that will impress. 



This is the classic signature cats-eye frame design from Paul Taylor. The designer cats-eye glasses have been sought after for decades. This is the very first frame Paul designed and has stood the test of time and has a cult like following." You will desire many colours for your personal collection".

Size 57-17 



                         This classic cat's-eye was the second release of "Taylor's" now signature design.

             The petite M002 cat's-eye is the smaller of the two and has an extensive colour palate on offer.

                      A perfect choice for a smaller face shape providing a dainty feminine elegant look.

                           Available soon with swarovski crystals and LIMITED EDITION Italian acetates.



Like most of Paul's designs Mohlee has been create for a person in mind

Her modern upswept square shape with the curved wave in the temple creates a style with panache and flair

Size 51-20 Temple:135mm 


The Mable design is back after selling out completely! Has already been in production twice before. This design has been in demand and has a cult following. Moving into a legendary Timeless Design stature and will now be around forevermore!! 

A stunning bold cats-eye that will accentuate your individual character. German made double barrel hinge design and amazing LIMITED EDITION acetate colours, offering endless attire possibilities to your new or existing choice of eyewear and/or sunglasses.


Size 54 -21 ~ Temple 145 mm


    This latest cat's-eye design Tigez has been a huge success! Paul Taylor is renowned for cat's-eye creations and has taken this styling to a whole new level of sophistication and lifting it out of the retro era.

The distinctive wave shaped temple design unveils the attractive Italian acetate colours chosen for this design.

                       LIMITED EDITION acetates and stamped in chronological  order....

Size 53-23 Temple: 145